Affiliate Program

Hypnosis Affiliate Program

I’ve been a Hypnotherapist for Over 19 Years, and I’ve searched for the BEST Hypnosis Affiliate Programs out there, to add new streams of income to my practice. With the addition of the following Hypnosis Affiliate Programs to my websites, my income has increased significantly!

  • Inspire 3 – Up to 70% Commission (Different Hypnosis Platforms); 5% on Sub-Affiliate Sales
  • Self Hypnosis – 40% Commission on over 150 Products; 10% Commission on Sub-Affiliate Sales
  • Hypnosis Downloads – 35% Commission on over 800 Products; 2% Commission on Sub-Affiliate Sales

  • Supplement Your Income by Selling Someone Else’s Products
  • You No Longer Need to Record Long, Perfect-Quality Recordings Any More… They’re Already Done For You!
  • Impressive Conversion Rates
  • HUGE range of products with hypnosis mp3s, hypnosis scripts, CDs, DVDs and members sections
  • Typical visitor makes multiple purchases
  • Highly detailed stats including conversion rate by product and ad code
  • Many cut-and-paste linking methods including free content for your website in the form of hypnosis articles, search box, live blog and video links
  • Dedicated Affiliate Managers.

“Try It… You’ll Like It!”- Paul Gordon, CHT

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